Welcome to Net’s Place.

Hello, my name is Annet and I am the owner of Net’s Place. At Net’s Place I support children, young people and their families through challenging life experiences. Play Therapy and Expressive Therapies are innovative tools that I have used in the last 15 years. These modalities enable me to facilitate children’s and young people’s inner healing.

Worried about your child?

Are you worried about your child’s challenging behaviours, isolation, depression and sadness, change in school performance, bedwetting, stomachaches or headaches?

At Net’s Place you and your child will find support.

Sometimes children experience challenges and difficulties in their lives. At Net’s Place, children and young people can express themselves in a safe and warm environment in dialogue with the counselor. Play – and Expressive Therapies encourage the expression of feelings and emotions. Unresolved issues and difficulties

can be worked through with the child in a warm and safe environment. It is a unique medium to facilitate communication and healing for children of all different ages from 3 through to the teenage years.Children’s therapeutic sessions will take place in the playroom whilst young people often prefer to be in the office. Sessions take place on a weekly basis and last for 45-60 minutes, depending on the needs of the child.

Referring your child

Initial contact.
Our initial contact will be by phone.

You will have the opportunity to talk about your worries and concerns you have about your child. I will ask some questions to clarify a few things. During this conversation we will be able to determine if your child is best helped with my services.If an agreement is reached, there will be a follow up consultation.If you are interested or if you would like some more information, please contact me:Annet Bex @Net’s Place
Hills District, Sydney NSW
Tel: 0432 909 732